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Aimed in the direction of an individual uninterested in spending numerous hours education with weights and doing aerobic and with out seeing extra profits, 101 High-Intensity routines for speedy Results offers a life of exercises that always bring up lean muscle mass and decrease physique fats utilizing scientifically confirmed equipment of brief, high-intensity bouts of training.

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A recent study from the University of Zagreb (Croatia) had trained subjects perform a seated medicine-ball throw with a 9-pound ball after a normal warm-up. The subjects also did one set of three reps of the bench press using their three-rep max, rested for three minutes, then did the medicine-ball throw. When subjects performed the bench press first, they threw the medicine ball more than 8% faster than after the basic warm-up. MUSCLE GROUP SHOULDERS TRAPS Barbell Shrug ABS Hanging Leg Raise — superset with — Cable Crunch 1 SETS/REPS 1/5 1/3 REST 5 min.

Rest 2–3 minutes between exercises. WORKOUT 2: LEGS, CALVES EXERCISE SETS/TIME QUADS/GLUTES/HAMSTRINGS Squat 8/20 sec. Leg Press 8/20 sec. Leg Extension 8/20 sec. Leg Curl 8/20 sec. 10 sec. 10 sec. 10 sec. 10 sec. CALVES Standing Calf Raise Seated Calf Raise 10 sec. 10 sec. 8/20 sec. 8/20 sec. REST 1 WORKOUT 3: SHOULDERS, TRAPS EXERCISE SHOULDERS Smith Machine Overhead Press Smith Machine Upright Row Lateral Raise Reverse Pec-Deck Flye TRAPS Barbell Shrug Dumbbell Shrug SETS/TIME REST 1 8/20 sec.

WEEKS 1–4 WEEKS 5–8 WEEKS 9–12 DAY 1 DAY 1 DAY 1 Compulsory: Dip/Pull-Up* (10RM) Optional: Hammer Curl/Lying Triceps Extension (20RM) Compulsory: Front Squat/ Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Standing Calf Raise/ Barbell Shrug (20RM) Compulsory: Chin/Front Squat (6RM) Optional: Hammer Curl/ Standing Calf Raise (16RM) DAY 2 DAY 2 DAY 2 Compulsory: Front Squat/ Barbell Push Press (10RM) Optional: Back Extension/ Hanging Leg Raise (20RM) Compulsory: Dumbbell Bench Press/Hammer Curl (10RM) Optional: Lying Triceps Extension/Reverse Curl (20RM) DAY 3 DAY 3 Compulsory: Dumbbell Overhead Press/Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Reverse Curl/ Cable Crunch (16RM) Compulsory: Incline Dumbbell Press/Seated Cable Row (10RM) Optional: Barbell Curl/ Pushdown (20RM) Compulsory: Deadlift/ Chin (10RM) Optional: Exercise-Ball Crunch/ Lateral Raise (20RM) DAY 4 DAY 4 Compulsory: Deadlift/ Dumbbell Front Raise (10RM) Optional: Step-Up (right leg)/ Step-Up (left leg) (20RM) Compulsory: Dip/Barbell Curl (10RM) Optional: Back Extension/ Push-Up (20RM) DAY 3 Compulsory: Dumbbell Bench Press/Squat (10RM) Optional: Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension/Barbell Shrug (16RM) DAY 4 Compulsory: Pull-Up/Push-Up (8RM) Optional: Lunge (right leg)/ Lunge (left leg) (12RM) * If you can do more than 10 reps of dips or pull-ups, add weight; if you can’t do 10 dips or pull-ups, use an assisted dip/pull-up machine.

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