50 award winning house by Chengdi Liu

By Chengdi Liu

This publication covers fifty awesome homes equipped lately, from villas to residences, each one shining with its personal brilliance.

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The house rises on the western side of Mount San Salvatore slope in a beautiful bowl. Carved in a clear square geometry, the spaces meet the slope and extend in a spiral–fluent movement that constantly changes the perception of the space and its relation with the exterior, offering privileged views towards the beautiful landscape of the region. This small house (13x13m) stands for a sequence of experiences condensed in a continuous space that gives a sense of protection and, at the same time, of being projected into the landscape.

Deck 06. swimming pool 07. garden 08. dinning room 09. courtyard 10. china closet 11. wine storage 12. lunch room 13. kitchen 14. sentry box 15. service patio 16. dog-house 17. air-conditioner room 18. gallery 19. bathroom 20. pantry 21. bedroom 22. office 23. hometheater 24. dressingroom 25. playroom 26. gym 27. technical area 26 25 solarium 0 1m 3m 6m 9m 10ft 20ft 30ft PLAN second floor scale 1:200 0 31 变形别墅 Location: Quito, Ecuador Designer: Jose María Sáez, David Barragán Photographer: Raed Gindeya, Jose María Sáez Completion date: 2006 项目地点:厄瓜多尔 基多 设计师:荷西·玛利亚·萨埃,大卫·巴拉甘 摄影师:拉伊德·金德亚,荷 西·玛利亚·萨埃 完成时间:2006年 Pentimento House A concrete platform serves as its foundation and adapts to the topography bypassing the trees or incorporating them.

In this way the living space has been stretched and its size appears bigger. This research on dilatation of the perception of the spaces enhances the idea that a space can be only completely understood by spending time in it and that besides the walls/slabs (material), shape, design, type, typology, etc. a space must be conceived using time as instrument for the planning/creative phase. 卡拉贝拉是一个大约有600名居民的小村庄。这所住宅就像西面圣萨尔瓦托雷坡托起的一个美丽 的碗。内部空间限定在一个明确的几何方形中,满足了倾斜角度的需要,并且增加了一个螺旋 型平滑曲线的运动,不断改变对空间的感觉及其与外部的关系,提供了一个可以远眺优美风景 的特殊地区。 这所小房子( 13米x13米 )在一个连续的空间中浓缩地表达出保护意识的同时,也使人能预测 到会出现什么样的景观。倾斜的屋顶以下紧跟着倾斜的土地,这是为了适应在山坡上建设,是 以有机语言代替城市语言!屋顶面向西面,倾斜30 度。挖掘工艺采用新的土方挖掘技术,在施 工现场没有土壤流失。 三个主要楼层与水平方向均成一定的倾斜角度,这样设计的目的是符合基地的通风情况。这也 使房子的形态与基地的外部环境形成一种对话关系。进入住宅内,眼睛可以看遍整个内部空间 以及周围的户外空间,直到最深远的对角线。这就把一个实际上体积非常小的房子变大了:体 62 63 64 积约1000立方米,使用面积为150平方米的房子可以给人至少300平方米的感觉。通过整个建筑 的空间与外部、内部共同作用使人在感观上扩张。 通过透明或半透明的玻璃或涂层,你可以朦胧感觉出这是一个由美好的自然景观环绕的、建立 在一个开放空间中的居住建筑。这种通透的感觉从内向外发散再回到室内,让室外景观变成室 内环境的一部份。这样,居住空间得以扩展,尺寸似乎变得更大。 这个关于扩张空间感觉的尝试更加强化了这样的理念:只有在室内感受一段时间,才能完全理 解一座建筑;除了墙和板(材料)、形状、设计、类型等之外,一个空间在规划、设计时必须 通过时间作为一种工具。 Awarded: 2007 101 of the Most Exciting Young Architects of the World, by Wallpaper UK 25 Shortlist, House of the Year 2007, by WAN–World Architecture News This house is characterised by the creation of clearly identifiable geometric structures that delimit an organised development of the spaces.

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