A Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody by David Liebman

By David Liebman

A Chromatic method of Jazz concord and Melody can be noticeable as a mode to assist the artist to strengthen his or her personal means whilst attempting to improvise chromatically. during the ideas and examples provided, the improvisor can be capable of use this fabric along already well-known tonal principles. in particular, the e-book serves as a consultant for organizing chromaticism right into a coherent musical assertion intended to meet either the highbrow and emotional wishes of inventive production. The reader can be brought to multiple method of conceiving chromatic traces and harmonies. there's not anything theoretically complicated or new within the text---it is the association of the cloth in addition to many musical examples and transcriptions (Bach, Scriabin, Coltrane, Shorter, Hancock, Beirach, Liebman) which may still serve to motivate musicians to extend their traditional diatonic vocabulary. This e-book additionally offers perception into the fashion of enjoying that David Liebman is understood for. additionally, the booklet includes a hundred diverse solo traces and a hundred chord voicings.

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