A Men's Liberation Guide to Women 3rd Edition by Sam Fryman

By Sam Fryman

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It is against those in authority and influence who would seek to destroy and pervert the natural love between woman and man, and between man, woman and child, which is at the heart of a proper family, and ultimately, must be at the heart of any orderly and civilised world. A Men’s Liberation Guide to Women 29 Chapter Four – The Sexual Enslavement of Men Masquerading as Freedom We are all men here, aren’t we? So let’s have a “man to man” talk about sex. But not of the kind you have ever had before, we would suggest.

Surely, if we have any fragment of sanity and self-respect left, we certainly do not. For such a perspective on the life of men which so many of the female population now seem to hold as justifiable and “appropriate” is utterly dehumanising, it is making a pet animal out of a searching, sensitive being, who if not abused, one day might become a god. ” So please now, do we see what the sexual enticement and hypnotism of men is all about? The short answer is that the jealous goddess, just wants to enslave us, and wishes us never to be her superior, or even equal, taking our rightful place on our throne, not beneath her, but beside her, as king to her queen, and to her goddess, a god.

The same is true of sex. We may well feel good afterwards, relaxed and satisfied, but what has it done to our abilities in general? Perhaps we were working on a great piece of scientific research or music composition, artwork or novel, but whatever subtle acrobatics we had to do in the dark caverns of our mind to make it a work of genius, we just can’t quite perform any more – the burning, laser-like energy that melts hard problems to dust is just not there any more, because we burnt our supersensitive circuitry and batteries out without noticing, in a heavy bout of sex.

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