African Musical Symbolism In Contemporary Perspective: by John Collins

By John Collins

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E. ). ) that cannot be divided by any other whole number other than one and themselves. 16 This is a one stringed instrument used in musical experimentation. 17 He was trained in music by Egyptian priests according to Kendrick’s History of Ancient Egypt, Volume 1, p. 234. 14 39 were in use. These were based on a widespread ancient mathematico-musical system of ascending intervals of a fifth. When he returned to Greece Pythagoras joined the snake-cult associated with the Delphic Oracle; probably itself imported from North Africa and the Aegean.

Sometimes African musicians employ devices that exaggerate the inference effect in order to create vibrations that are aesthetically pleasing to them, or believe these put them and their instruments into special touch with the spiritual world. One is the mbira hand-piano of Shona diviners, which is given an extra vibrational buzzing quality by small pieces of metal being loosely attached to it that are believed to create the actual voice of the ancestors or Soul of the Mbira30. Another African Here we are not treating a gestalt as a product of a single figure/ground or sound/silence relationship, as depicted in the earlier faces and vase diagram, but rather a polyvalent product of multiple figure/grounds.

Secondly and as will be discussed under Theme Five on circularity, African tempo moves in repeated rounds which blend the staggered beginnings and endings of the different rhythms together into a seamless whole. e. e. vibrations per second). What happens is that the overlapping vibrational waves either reinforce each other or cancel each other out, so creating a new resultant vibration called an “interference pattern” or “standing wave”. This phenomenon can be seen when multiple moving ripples criss-cross and interfere with each other on the surface of water and produce interesting and seemingly stationary standing wave patterns.

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