Against Love: A Polemic by Laura Kipnis

By Laura Kipnis

Who could dream of being opposed to love? No one.

Love is, as we all know, a mysterious and all-controlling strength, with significant strength over our recommendations and lifestyles decisions.

But is there whatever a section worrisome approximately all this uniformity of opinion? is that this the single topic approximately which no war of words may be entertained, approximately which one fact by myself is permissible? examine that the main robust prepared religions produce the occasional heretic; each ideology has its apostates; even sacred cows locate their butchers. apart from love.

Hence the need for a polemic opposed to it. A polemic is designed to be the prose similar of a small explosive equipment positioned less than your E-Z-Boy lounger. It won't injure you (well now not severely); it's simply presupposed to shake issues up and rattle a couple of convictions.

From the exchange Paperback edition.

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