Alfred's IPA Made Easy: A Guidebook for the International by Anna Wentlent

By Anna Wentlent

What percentage years has it been considering your final diction classification? this useful guidebook is a simple reference for the symbols utilized in IPA: what they seem like and the way they're reported. instance phrases for each image are incorporated in English, Latin, Italian, German, French, and Spanish. And a web source contains recorded demonstrations of each sound. a transparent and concise instrument for making a song in overseas languages, both priceless within the choir room and the vocal studio. Dimensions are 5.25"" x 7.5"".

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English Italian cap canto French Latin parc cum German Spanish Tag cantar Listening Lab: Example #34 38 [l] voiced lateral consonant Touch the tip of the tongue to the teeth ridge. English Italian love liberta` French Latin livre laudate German Spanish lieben los Listening Lab: Example #35 39 [m] voiced nasal consonant For full resonance, keep the jaw relaxed and the tongue forward. English Italian mouse mio French Latin madame dominum German Spanish mir madre Listening Lab: Example #36 40 [n] voiced nasal consonant For full resonance, keep the jaw relaxed and the tongue touching the teeth ridge.

English Italian onion segno French Latin baigner agnus German Spanish n/a nin~o Listening Lab: Example #38 42 [ŋ] voiced nasal consonant For full resonance, keep the jaw dropped and the back of the tongue touching the soft palate. English Italian sing fianco French Latin n/a n/a German Spanish singen tenga Listening Lab: Example #39 43 [p] unvoiced plosive consonant Keep the lips and jaw relaxed to avoid tension. English Italian pipe sposa French Latin papier pater German Spanish ab padre Listening Lab: Example #40 44 [r] voiced trill “r” consonant This “r” sound is pronounced with two or more rolls of the tongue.

This fricative consonant should be a smooth, sustained sound. English Italian voice viva French Latin vivre ave German Spanish wenn vamos Listening Lab: Example #49 53 [w] voiced “w” glide Keep the lips rounded. ” With the tongue in the position for the vowel sound [a], emit air as if making an “h” sound. English Italian n/a n/a French Latin n/a n/a German Spanish Bach n/a Listening Lab: Example #51 55 [ʎ] voiced approximant consonant Referred to as an “elya,” this consonant sound is similar to [l], but is produced with the blade of the tongue instead of the tip.

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