American Regionalisms, Facts on File Dictionary of (Facts on by Robert Hendrickson

By Robert Hendrickson

The 5 hugely praised volumes of Robert Hendrickson's Dictionary of yank neighborhood Expressions sequence, chuffed Trails

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We booked on out of there, and I think it was like 3:47 when I got on in home . ” bookooing great deal. ” (2) Boot for the trunk of a car, chiefly a British term, was sometimes used in Georgia and other Southern states earlier in the century but apparently has little or no use there today. bootkisser A sycophant; also called bootlicker. bootlicker See BOOTKISSER. booze A Mr. E. G. or E. S. Booze of Kentucky, circa 1840, was a distiller who sold his booze, liquor, under his own name, the bottles often made in the shape of log cabins.

These racially mixed people then tended to marry within their own group. Noted for the brass anklets they liked to wear and their dark skin, they came to be known as brass ankles or black ankles. break land To plow. ’ ” (William Faulkner, The Hamlet, 1940) break one’s manners To become intentionally rude. “‘It was all that bumping and jolting you done,’ Ned said. ’ ” (William Faulkner, The Reivers, 1962) break one’s neck To get married. ” break out a path To clear snow from a road or walk. bray To prepare or pound up a medicine.

Backed up Constipated. ” Babe The most famous example of Babe as a pet name for a boy in the South is baseball great Babe (George Herman) Ruth, born in Maryland in 1895. The nickname is often used in the South as a familiar name for a boy or man, especially the youngest of a family. Babe as a sometimes disparaging and insulting term for an attractive woman is a national usage. B-A-Bas See A-B-ABS. Baboon See backfin Prime crabmeat from the rear bony chambers of the Maryland blue crab, not fin meat.

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